Lee (mr_lee) wrote,

13 Months ago....

I posted my last entry in this thing for a long space of time. February 2006.  A WHOLE FRIGGING YEAR has passed since I logged on to LJ and my god hasn't it changed.

So what has happened to me? Well, I'm still in the same house, still doing the same jobs as I was, but I'm resident in one pub now and DJ in another. Another two failed relationships in the last 12 months (I'm sooooooo good at these!!!), I proposed to an American (sorry K!!!) and she said yes but I don't think she thinks I was serious! I've got heavily into my car, recorded an original song (at last...), recorded loads and quit smoking for good. I shaved all my hair off (probably in some weird personal statement) and now get compared to Justin Timberlake a hell of a lot (can't be bad!) and put on a bit of weight (not a good thing!) but all in all I'm a lot happier than I ever was before. I've realised who my true friends really are, have watched so-called friends fall away, and I'm a stronger person for it all. I've discovered Morgan's Spiced Rum as well!

Maybe I'll post in here some more. I could write a lot more I guess but I can't think of anything.
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